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Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

—RIP Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

how i felt after the workout today…! 

how i felt after the workout today…! 

SS 2013 - work ready pale nail trends

The nude trend isn’t budging and creativity with nail art is really going strong, here are some of my favourite nude colours and styles for the season, with shots from 3.1 Phillip Lim and La Perla where they’ve mixed both the neutral and 2-tone trend.

Essie - Marshmallow (www.lookfantastic.com)


La Perla - SS 2013


OPI Sheer Fun - Superdrug.com


3.1 Phillip Lim - SS 2013


Butter London Matte Finish - bathandunwind.com (so it’s not a colour per se but Matte finishes seem to be just about everywhere and can tone down just about any colour you like!)


Take Two

Yes. I know. I started something I didn’t continue…I started something I possibly didn’t really start! Aren’t we all guilty of this…? (If you hadn’t noticed I’m trying to make myself feel better).

Right, so let’s do it properly this time, and why not begin with a fitting article on how to keep momentum and if you lose it, how to find it again.

I’m obviously not the best person to take guidance from (esp. in this instance!) but from some past experiences where I have reached my goals I think I can comment fairly.

A second look on how to keep going, in a format that will get you to it, NO PROCRASTINATING:

+ Have a goal - obvious? Yes. Does that mean you’ll keep to it? Definitely not.

+ Be unrealistic - you are better than what you think you are

+ Live and breathe it - you HAVE to keep reminding yourself of what you want

+ Get yourself in gear - tailor the way you think to always consider what it means for your goal

- Forget the unbelievers - you don’t need any distractions, there’ll be enough already

+ Stray back - as soon as you feel yourself waning remember what you want and why you want it

+ Passion - like, duh!

+ Hard work - well, I never said it would be easy

= Success - what that looks like to you, that’s what’s important.

Right, going to take a bit of my own medicine.

Briefscase: 10 things...

10 things to do everyday at work. This list is intense but has the right idea, small manageable tasks to ensure you achieve your goals.

Nail of the Day: Inspired by youtuber missjenfabulous’s acid wash tutorial
Here’s Jen’s video. Enjoy! 

Nail of the Day: Inspired by youtuber missjenfabulous’s acid wash tutorial

Here’s Jen’s video. Enjoy! 

Briefscase: Article of the week

It’s not so much the article, but more the story. The moral dilemma of saying that someone was good at something, despite them being…well, in this case, a murderer…

It makes me think about what we do at work and how we react to those that do well, but who we really don’t care much for because of their actions towards others, their over-bearing personality, their means by which they do business.


Stumbled upon this youtuber quite randomly. I’m useless with nails but really enjoy her tutorials because the designs are really unique, cleverly made and the videos are quick to watch.

Bag It.

If an IT bag is what you’re after I can’t keep my eyes off Rebecca Minkoff’s variations on a theme of clutch/shoulder/cross-body bag. It’s a good thing you can only buy her designs in the US or I’d be seriously out of pocket…

Rebecca, not that you’re reading, but get your bags here to the UK soon! You’ve got a fan base ready to explode!

I love the MAC bags, and when I head across the atlantic will definitely make a purchase. These styles will fit whatever the season and seem nifty enough to have all your necessities piled in.

Black Mini M.A.C. Clutch

Good Indeed.

After suffering from problem skin and trying just about every ‘hold grail miracle’ skin care product out there to improve it I came across a new skincare range from Alice Hart-Davis which was originally introduced to help teens take up a good skincare routine.


The Good Things range interested me because none of the products contain SLS and parabens; something which I believe has been a major step towards making my skin better. Furthermore, it is incredibly affordable and as you can see above I’ve racked up a small collection. I’ve given a one-liner review on each product which is my personal opinion on how they have worked for me. All the products have a yummy fruity smell which I really enjoy but if you’re not into smelly items they could be a bit overpowering.

1. Face The Day Moisturiser (£7.99) - at first might seem a bit greasy but slides on skin making it look bright and wholesome, keeps my skin hydrated all day without becoming oily


2. Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser (£4.99) - I love how delicate this is on my skin, but still removes make-up and grime, my skin doesn’t feel dry at all after using


3. Bright Eyes Eye Cream (£5.99) - out of all the products I have I thought this one did not measure up in value, the tube is quite small even though you don’t need to use much and I can’t visibly see any difference to my eyes, it is gentle though


4. Five Minute Facial Mask (£5.99) - feels like it works as it tingles when it goes on, the mask really does work in 5 minutes but I always leave a bit longer, my skin is SO smooth after I remove this and I can’t wait to put it on again the next week


5. Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser (£4.99) - I used to use the Clean & Clear deep cleansing lotion but I couldn’t bring myself to use it now because this product really cleans my skin without leaving it dry at all

6. Ultra Rich Body Butter (£5.99) - thick and strong smelling but a great moisturiser for really dry skin, since using the dryness on my shoulders has reduced immensely


All of the products mentioned above are available at Boots.